Inaugurations: Live Television

1/17/2015 Governor Bill Haslam is sworn for his second term as tTWAPictures had the honor of producing three live gubernatorial inaugurations for statewide public television in 2011, 2015, and 2019. The first two were for Gov. Bill Haslam. We first met Gov. Haslam as a candidate in a personal interview special with his wife Crissy for Tennessee’s six PBS stations. In 2019, Tennessee inaugurated Gov. Bill Lee, who is now starting his second term as Governor.

Book Promotions

Yes, authors need video too to promote their work. Video provides a personal medium for a writer to introduce themselves and their new book. We have done a number of book trailers for Orthodox Christian author and artist Ariane Trifunovic Montemuro. Let us produce your next book trailer. Video link: to watch our first trailer for Ariane.

Filmmaking for Non-profits

Non-profits have communication needs too. While companies have products or services to sell. non-profits have a mission to sell. Slick video and special effects may dazzle, but effective, heart-felt storytelling will attract viewers to your cause through membership and fundraising. Here is a sampler of a film we produced for Neighbor2Neighbor.

Video Link:

Celebrating Frank Trew

Robert Khayat film for Ole Miss

Former Chancellor Robert Khayat was the 2016 recipient of the Ole Miss Women’s Council Legacy Award. The University of Mississippi experienced tremendous growth and change during his administration. Producing a film documenting his legacy brought us all full circle. I was a student of his back in 1982-83. The film debuted at the Legacy Award dinner at the Manning Center on April 16th.

Video link:

Alabama Gospel Special

Alabama is no doubt the greatest band in country music history. The Fort Payne legends have charted over 40 #1 singles and IMG_3449 smallsold more than 75 million albums. Last year, the Hall of Fame group recorded a collection of Gospel favorites for Gaither Music, and a performance recorded for DVD has now become a pledge special airing on public television stations nationwide, starting December, 2015. TWAPictures was retained to shoot Randy Owen, Teddy Gentry, and Jeff Cook adding some personal stories and Gospel memories, which will be part of the television broadcasts. Look for “Alabama: Angels Among Us, Hymns and Gospel Favorites.” Thank you to First Baptist Church in downtown Nashville for providing their beautiful sanctuary.

Charles Overby honored at Ole Miss

Photo by Robert Jordan

Photo by Robert Jordan

CEO of the Freedom Forum for over 20 years, Charles Overby now chairs the Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics at the University of Mississippi. On April 18th, the Ole Miss Women’s Council for Philanthropy honored Charles with the Legacy Award and TWAPictures produced the film introducing the award. It was quite an honor producing the project and getting to know a media giant like Charles Overby. Both of us can credit the start of our careers to the Daily Mississippian at Ole Miss. The dinner at the residence of outgoing chancellor Dan Jones was a star-studded event by all Rebel standards, so congratulations to chairperson Karen Moore and everyone involved in OMWC.

Here is a link to the video – Overby Legacy Award

Mid-South Emmy Awards

January 31st was the big night for the 2015 Mid-South Emmy Awards. “The Space Shuttle: Flying for Me” wasEmmy Awards one of five films nominated in the historical documentary category. Unfortunately, we did not bring home the trophy, but we enjoyed seeing a lot of friends and being part of a first-class event at the Schemerhorn Symphony Center. At least I had a nice photo op with my wife Teresa.

Santa’s Tips for Space Buffs

orion-launch-01It was an exciting day on December 5th when NASA launched the new Orion spacecraft on its first unmanned test mission. Orion is designed for deep space missions.  Its destination is to be determined, but today was our first step into the future!

If you have a space buff on your holiday shopping list, I want to mention two books that are essential reading.Wheels Stop cover  Wheels Stop: The Tragedies and Triumphs of the Space Shuttle Program (1986-2011) is a detailed look at the Shuttle after the Challenger accident by out friend Rick Houston.  Rick also has a new book coming out in 2015, co-authored with Flight Director Milt Helflin, that will be the ultimate insider story of Mission Control in Houston.

spacewalkerAnother book that is very inspiring is astronaut Jerry Ross’ autobiography, Spacewalker.  Jerry is one of only two astronauts to fly 7 Shuttle missions and he held the American record for spacewalks up until recently.  Ross is a man of faith who walks the walk in addition to talking the talk, so I really admire his story.  We enjoyed working with him during the production of The Space Shuttle: Flying for Me.

Great gifts so check them out at any book seller.

TWAPictures Nominated for Emmy!

stock_Emmy-Award 2BIG NEWS!  The Space Shuttle: Flying for Me received an Emmy nomination on November 20th!  This is the regional Emmys so don’t expect to see me in Hollywood next spring.  But we’re honored nonetheless since we are one of 70 programs nominated out of 800 submissions.  Flying for Me is one of 5 films under consideration in the historical documentary category.  Hey, we’re excited.  The awards will be presented on January 31st, 2015 at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville.  Flying for Me is an incredible film.

Flying For Me

The Space Shuttle: Flying for Me was launched on public television in June, 2014. A 60-minute documentary celebrating the highlights and achievements of the Space Shuttle program, the film is a tribute to the men and women who made space a livable and workable environment.

DF-SC-84-01865“While the Challenger and Columbia tragedies are forever burned in our memories, the program features many of the Shuttle’s greatest triumphs, including the Hubble Telescope and the International Space Station,” said Tim Weeks, producer, director and writer for TWAPictures. “But over this storied 30 year history, NASA and the astronaut corps also became more diversified as well, so anyone with a dream could imagine their future in space.”

The program includes interviews with dozens of astronauts and NASA program managers and flight directors that share the thrill and challenges of human space flight. “It’s far more than a historical film,” concluded Weeks. “It’s the closest thing to actually being there.”

Shuttle Flight Director and 47-year NASA veteran Milt Helfin calls Flying for Me “the best astronaut-based film he has ever seen.”

Check your local PBS listings for airdates. Announcement about DVDs and digital downloads coming soon.

For more information, visit American Public Television.

Link to trailer:

Like to 30 second public tv trailer: